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JonJu's Values, Mission and Vision Statements

Rather than a dry rendition of JonJu's history, we think you want to read about what we believe, what we want to deliver, and our vision for the future, which will underpin the trust we know you need to establish with us.

Values Policy

Our values are the foundation of our integrity/probity, which are crucial for the most important value in development: trust

Reliability: we perform as promised, or if there is uncertainty we make sure our client knows the risks, costs and potential outcomes beforehand.

Tangibles: we expedite the delivery of hardware and have a quibble free policy if/when re-spins are required

Performance: our response to questions, queries and issues is as immediate as possible

Assurance: our path is one of continuous improvement, and all our systems are geared to making this claim a reality rather than a statement

Empathy: we will engage with our clients overall objectives, not just those relating to electronics

Mission Statement

To become the optimum service for product development through the development of viable products for the marketplace

The Mission Statement is not a sales pitch for our clients: it is a description of the purpose of the business such that those involved are clear about what JonJu does and represents

Our Mission Statement has a clear idea, outcome and experience that can be defined in terms of value to both JonJu and its clients

The Mission Statement doesn't lose sight of the primary goal: to deliver electronic products to the marketplace

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement is really very simple

Provision of the optimum product development service

Image showing how JonJu delivers its values

Projects - Connectivity

Projects introuducing Bluetooth, IOT, Wi-Fi, etc., into new and existing designs

Get your product connected for remote servicing and monitoring.

Projects - Test and Measurement

Embedded (microcontroller) products that measure and control systems

Get your product controlling whatever it needs to

Projects - Feasibility

For some projects, it is crucial to know whether or not a project is technically and commercially feasilbe before investing further. JonJu does this quickly and as economically as humanly possible

Get help deciding whether or not a feasibility study is needed

Projects - Reverse and Re-engineering

Products become obsolete, have logistical problems, or for whatever reason slip off the rails. JonJu are experts at re-establishing products with problems

Fix a product with a problem