Electronics Product Design

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Electronics Product Design

Connectivity: IoT(Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, etc.)

Re-engineering or reverse engineering

On-PCB software (firmware) to control and calculate as required

Enclosures and mechanical interfaces

Test and Measurement: designs to control and measure pressure, temp, etc. using transducers

Miniaturisation: shoehorn designs on a sixpence

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Whole Project Engagement

JonJu Tech engages with its client's entire projects, not just the electronics.

Verifiable Design Stages

We know that putting the design of a new product into the hands of a third party can be a fearful experience, particulary when the health of a company depends on the project's success. We break the project into phases that a layman can verify.


JonJu handles manufacturing of prototypes, and does all the legwork in setting up production.